Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay, so I feel so dumb right now. California is so not what I conjured in my mind. Let me be correct here, I cannot speak for Cali as a whole but Southern Cali specifically; is not what is advertise on television, magazines, or books. Not to offend anyone from Cali, but the people here that I have met are so plastic. Plastic meaning fake, no dimensions, and the list goes on. Wait, let me clean that up a little bit. I met a group of fantastic girls, but guess what none of them are from Cali (also none of my blogger friends are being referenced in this here post).

I have always been under the impression that California was a bigger New York. I guess that what you get for assuming. California has no culture to speak of, unless we are talking about Hispanic culture. Speaking of the aforementioned, SoCal is predominately Hispanic. I have no problem with this at all, but I thought it would be one big melting pot. I am west indian, so I feel lost, one could say out of place even.

Let talk jobs, where are they??? I am still looking. Even when it comes to my makeup artistry business; no one wants to help you out because of their insecurities. Like I am going to come on the scene and steal all their clients; someone had to help them in the beginning. I am a firm believer in paying it forward but not everyone follows this code.

Anywhoo, I know that this post was all over the place but I am just purging my mind. Bear with me, I think it will get better (just joking, yet I am so serious).



  1. i always wondered how Cali was but most people i now there always eating tacos lol (i know bad thought but it is true).

    What do you think about it now, than where you were here before?

  2. LOL...I love tacos and I'm always eating them.
    Thats funny!!
    Anyway, what in the world made you come here?
    L.A is whack! Cali is whack! If you're really into the night life then maybe you can get something out of it. Thats how you meet the industry cats that will get you SOME pretty decent jobs.

  3. cute blog!!

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    *borwn is beautifuL*


  4. I'm from northern cali and southern cali is so hollywood. Up North, the people are just different (better) and so is the weather. Cali as a whole is not the same in all directions.